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XiVE drills - sharpness for immediate, multiple use

The new generation of drills has improved sharpness, visibility of the depth marking and cutting abilities. The drills are designed for multiple use while the sterile delivery allows for immediate use. They offer a drilling speed up to max. 1500 rpm and allows mulitple use up to 10 times. For more detailed information watch the drilling sequence.
DENTSPLY Implants XiVE Drilling sequence

Automated reprocessing of surgical instruments

The XiVE washtray allows for machine cleaning, disinfection and subsequent steam sterilization of instruments. It offers one tray for all steps of reprocessing which enhances time- and cost-efficiency.
Dentsply Sirona XiVE Washtray

Small Tray EV

The Small Tray EV has been specifically designed for easy adaptation to restorative and surgical procedures. Its compact size promotes efficient use of autoclaves. Simple, interchangeable overlays and practical storage options support a streamlined workflow when working with ASTRA TECH Implant System EV.

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The solution for sloped ridge situations - OsseoSpeed Profile EV

Learn how the sloped dental implant can help reduce the need for bone augmentation and the subsequent cost and effort that comes with it.
OsseoSpeed Profile EV - sloped dental implant
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