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Working together to enhance quality of life

How important is the dental team to patients’ quality of life? This is one of the questions discussed in the latest issue of DENTSPLY Implants magazine. We visit Misch Implant Dentistry in Sarasota, Florida, where Katherine Misch, Craig Misch, and their dental team work together to provide the best experience and results for their implant patients, and experienced clinicians share their results in the clinical cases section.

DENTSPLY Implants at EuroPerio 8 in London

Thank you very much to all delegates who joined our activities at the EuroPerio congress. Please follow the link for a short summary of our Inspiration TALKS.

Sloped implant neck for 360° bone preservation in sloped ridges

OsseoSpeed Profile EV is the second generation of the uniquely shaped implant specifically designed for sloped ridge situations. The design maintains soft tissue esthetics and can help reduce the need for bone augmentation.

DENTSPLY Implants proudly presents the winners of the IIS Award 2014

The winners of the IIS Award 2014, including best poster and oral presentation, has now been announced. Please follow the link to learn more about the winners and their presentations.

New guided surgery assortment for ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

Precise drill guidance, lateral access for improved accessibility and patient comfort as well as effective handling of components are some of the features included in the new guided surgery assortment for ASTRA TECH Implant System EV specifically designed for the SIMPLANT application.

ATLANTIS abutments for single-tooth, screw-retained restorations now in titanium

The ATLANTIS Crown Abutment, available for all major implant systems, allows for an easy restorative procedure without the use of precious metals or cement. In addition to titanium, the abutments are available in five shades of zirconia.

Let´s get connected with intraoral scanning

DENTSPLY Implants continues to deliver leading digital solutions for all major implant systems, introducing enhanced connectivity between the dental clinic and laboratory for ATLANTIS Abutment with intraoral scanning using the iTero scanner.

A new angle on functions and esthetics

We are introducing angulated screw access for improved function and esthetics for ATLANTIS ISUS patient-specific bridges and hybrids.

Use your 3Shape scanner to scan for ATLANTIS™ abutments

Now you can use your 3Shape scanner to capture and send scans to ATLANTIS™ production. ATLANTIS™ Lab-based scanning provides advantages such as reduced door-to-door time and lower cost of transportation. ATLANTIS™ Lab-based scanning also makes it possible for you to keep your dental models at the laboratory.

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