Our employees

With employees worldwide, we have a diverse workforce with comprehensive skills and experience that create opportunities and bring success to our business. DENTSPLY Implants aims to attract and retain the best employees and is committed to treating them fairly, developing their potential and providing a positive working environment.


The people behind the company

The people at DENTSPLY Implants is the company's most important resource. Here you find people driven by curiosity; who dare to question and think in new ways, and who like working together with professionals in clinics, universities and other companies to push development forward. You also meet people with wholehearted commitment.

The road to the finished product covers areas such as material development, experimental and clinical trials, and scientific documentation. A process like this requires an inherent will to improve quality of life for other people. Just as important is the down-to-earth attitude throughout DENTSPLY Implants. It is an essential part of our corporate culture and stimulates good teamwork. Our employees are within the functions Research & Development, Quality & Environment, Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

VISION - DENTSPLY Implants's Employee Opinion Survey

VISION is DENTSPLY Implants's employee opinion survey and our channel for encouraging open dialogue at all levels of the organisation. The survey aims to identify the quality of the work environment and how it responds to changes in the organisation.

It is a tool that offers employees an opportunity to influence the working environment, and gives us a structured and targeted way to evaluate, support and actively achieve and maintain employee satisfaction. After the survey is completed, colleagues and managers work together on the suggested changes and improvements. Participation in VISION is voluntary and strictly confidential.

The survey gives us an opportunity for close, fast and efficient monitoring and follow-up of our employees' work environment.

Performance management, learning and development

DENTSPLY Implants wants to stimulate a growth culture by retaining expertise, optimising resources and offering employees the opportunity to achieve their full potential within DENTSPLY Implants and manage their career development.

The Performance management process provides an opportunity for managers and their employees to discuss performance results, strengths and development areas as well as to set individual performance objectives. The manager and employee should jointly create a plan for achieving those objectives. A vital part of this plan includes identifying and implementing learning and development activities to facilitate the employee’s professional growth and support the achievement of performance objectives.

Equality and diversity

At DENTSPLY Implants, equality and diversity means all ways in which people can be different. This includes the invisible or less obvious distinctions that make us different. The company aims to achieve and maintain a work environment permeated by an open, empathetic mindset where differences are regarded as an essential asset to DENTSPLY Implants's success and competitiveness as a company.

Differences in gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic origins, religion or other beliefs, functional disabilities, sexual orientation or age will not be allowed to influence how managers assess an employee’s performance and potential at DENTSPLY Implants.


DENTSPLY Implants works to promote equality and diversity in a recruitment and selection context. The company aims to reflect the diversity which exists in society as a whole, and for all people to feel welcome in the company. The company’s criteria for assessing individuals should be carefully examined to ensure that they focus on the requirements for the job.

Local market and cultural knowledge is crucial to the success of a global company. In light of this, senior management at key operating locations are recruited from the local community to the greatest extent possible.
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