Our Education Center

True inspiration for dental professionals

Our Education Center is a center of opportunities and inspiration. At these excellent facilities, located in Mölndal, Sweden, dental professionals from all over the world have experienced numerous in-depth hands-on sessions and lectures on basic and advanced topics.

The center allows for live surgery and is equipped with a complete dental laboratory and the latest audiovisual technology. All procedures can be seen through glass windows and/or close-ups transmitted to screens in different auditoriums. Interactive communication technique allows the participants to communicate with the instructor throughout the entire process, even if they are located in a different auditorium. 


Feedback from participants

Feedback from participants

"It was a good two days here in Sweden. Next to the educational aspect of the program we had the chance of meeting with some new friends. May this friendship last long”.
Mr. Amir Mirfakhrai, The Netherlands.

"After these courses I feel something has changed positively in my career. I now have a different strategy in my work and I intend to have more perfect results”.
Dr. George Eid, Lebanon