ANKYLOS® Prosthetic Options


Locked taper – Two become one

ANKYLOS® has it all: the friction-locked and keyed principle of the TissueCare Connection is the result of the application of engineering principles. It converts the implant and abutment into one stable rotation-locked unit with maximum mechanical stability without micromovements. The result is virtually no bone resorption and long-term tissue stability. And the system acts as a single-component implant after the prosthetic restoration. Unlike a ‘real’ single-component system, you always retain your flexibility. You select the most suitable abutment, with or without index, for the individual case and you can make changes later as required.

Prosthetic concepts – Versatile solutions

Every case requires its own solution. Whether you are considering single or multiple implants, chairside or laboratory-fabricated, transgingival or submerged healing: with the ANKYLOS Regular C/X, Balance C/, SynCone C/ and Standard C/ prosthetics concepts you make your own decision. Depending on the indication you select the right concept for your planning and to meet the expectations of your patient. Whether it's premium prosthetics in zirconium oxide for perfect esthetics, perfect function in titanium or a standardized restoration for maximum economy – you will find the ideal solution with one of the ANKYLOS lines of prosthetics.

In any combination – Esthetic results

With ANKYLOS your prosthetic planning is independent of the implant and your work becomes easier, because every abutment fits every implant. The TissueCare Connection is identical in all implant diameters and lengths. This means that any abutment can be combined with any implant diameter. This reduces the number of prosthetic components required and you are more likely to achieve the optimal esthetic result. You can select the ideal abutment design for the patient. The indexing option allows you to use a location aid when placing the abutments whenever this will simplify the prosthetic procedure.

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Reduced need for bone augmentation.

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