ANKYLOS® – Implanting TissueCare

For more than 25 years, the ANKYLOS® system developed by Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig and Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Moser with its TissueCare Connection using the taper principal has stood for successful long-term hard and soft-tissue stability and long-term red-white esthetics.

Implant design

Tapered connection – Optimum bone apposition

With the special tapered connection principle of the TissueCare Connection ANKYLOS® plus acts as both a two-component implant and a single-component implant – and therefore can be placed subcrestally without bone resorption and loss of soft tissue. ANKYLOS plus has microroughness up to the implant neck to allow bone deposition on the horizontal shoulder surface. This provides the ideal conditions for supporting the overlying soft tissue – for long-term success.



Progressive thread – Precise force transfer

The patented progressive thread design of the ANKYLOS plus implants is ideally matched to the structure of the bone. The load is transferred to the more flexible cancellous bone with the thread depth continuously increasing towards the apex of the implant. At the same time the convex profile of the thread also transfers lateral forces into the bone. This makes the thread design is optimum for reducing stress on the cortical bone and it contributes to retention of the crestal bone.

Growth-activating microstructure – Ankylotic healing

The surface structure of the implant has a significant influence on the quick success of the therapy. ANKYLOS plus implants have the clinically proven and growth-activating FRIADENT plus surface. The high-temperature etched microstructure developed by DENTSPLY Implants promotes the deposition of bone-forming cells on the implant and forms a homogenous and stable bond with the surrounding bone within a very short time.

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