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XiVE® offers a wide range of prefabricated components in the FRIADENT® prosthetics range – in implant diameters, various gingival heights, straight and angled.

Platform-Switch – Restoration of implants with diameter-reduced abutments

Numerous factors affect the bone level and the health status of the soft tissue surrounding an implant. Some factors are design-related and can have a crucial influence on the success of the treatment. The use of diameter-reduced abutments, the so called “Platform-Switching” (PS) is a very valid example of this.

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Gaining soft tissue through platform-switching

The consequent use of PS components shifts the transition between implant and abutment to central and creates an improved emergence profile. The platform-switching concept is designed to increase the soft tissue volume, which contributes to long-term esthetic outcomes.


Improved preservation of crestal boneXiVE PS Khoury 3

The positive effects of platform-switching have been described in numerous studies over the years and it is a commonly accepted concept. A Meta-Analysis published by M.A. Atieh et al. came to the conclusion:"The marginal bone loss around platform-switched implants was significantly less than around platform-matched implants."


Numerous studies

To achieve a successful restoration with XiVE platform-switching it is essential to not only use the final abutment at a reduced diameter, but also to start with the diameter-reduced cover screw and continue with the appropriate prosthetic components.
The prosthetic components are laser-marked with PS.

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