Dental bone graft instruments & accessories

SYMBIOS offers to you a broad selection of instruments and accessories to support your bone regeneration processes. Included are solutions for harvesting your patients’ own bone (autologous bone graft material), preparing bone blocks and access windows, grafting extra bone into the maxillary sinus (sinus lift), and affixing GBR/GTR membranes (fixation).

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Efficiency is one key in providing a quick and atraumatic patient experience, and reducing the risk of adverse events. The SYMBIOS instrument portfolio has been developed to increase the success of your bone grafting and regeneration procedures.

FRIOS MicroSaw Set

FRIOS MicroSaw Detail 1Fast and atraumatic preparation of bone blocks and access windows:
  • High precision 0.29 mm MicroSaw disc constructed to produce an accurate osteotomy line.
  • Fast – rapid work with the FRIOS straight and contra-angle handpieces. Even for the most difficult anatomical situations.
  • Easy – with the FRIOS angled handpiece the exact preparation can be made in the retromolar region, even with restricted mouth opening.
  • Atraumatic – the hinged soft tissue protector is easy to attach and to remove again. Direct blade cooling prevents overheating during the procedure.
  • Proven – in clinical use since 1986.

FRIOS FixationSet

A complete instrument set for precise positioning of FRIOS Membrane Tacks:
  • Fast and precise – accurately coordinated instrument set for the placement of FRIOS Membrane Tacks.
  • Finest disposable drills – for predrilling into very hard bone.
  • Complete – the tray also contains the FRIOS drilling and positioning tool.

FRIOS SinusSet

  • Clearly displayed – all instruments are color-coded and arranged in order of use.
  • Preparation of the lateral bone window – from large, diamond-coated round drills to fine fissure drills, all rotary instruments are at hand.
  • Mobilization of the sinus mucous membrane – with a range of angled elevators.
  • Blending the augmentation material – in the stable surgical blending beaker.
  • Filling the maxillary sinus – using various surgical applicators.

FRIOS BoneCollector

FRIOS BoneCollector Harvesting vital bone chips in parallel with the preparation of the implant site:
  • Only one procedure –implant placement and harvesting of valuable, vital bone chips.
  • Gentle on your patients – no second operation site required.
  • Material – casing and filter made from pure, medical grade titanium.
  • Prevents contamination – use of a second aspirator during the procedure.
  • Sterilizable – the FRIOS BoneCollector can be sterilized; suction tube and titanium filter are single use items.


REF 22179Harvesting vital bone chips in parallel with the preparation of the dental implant site:
  • Simplifies the procedure of collecting and using autologous bone.
  • Eliminates immunological reactions associated with bone substitute materials.
  • Reduces the need for costly artificial material.
  • Saves time – delivered sterile and is disposable.

FRIOS Trephines

Trephines for preparation of autogenous bone cones.

FRIOS BoneStud Remover

Bone Stud Remover for easy removal of the bone pieces.
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