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Our range of services includes a comprehensive overview of published scientific documentation on our products and technologies. A clinically proven implant system supported by scientific studies gives patients and also you the security of being able to smile without embarrassment even years after treatment.

The present list of publications on the ANKYLOS® implant system provides a systematic survey of studies, which document the clinical application of the ANKYLOS implant system and the FRIADENT® plus surface. The studies are sorted according to specific topics to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Please note that a single article therefore may appear in more than one category. The different categories contain only articles published in peer-reviewed journals and listed in PubMed. The bibliographical information includes a link to PubMed, where you can read the abstract.

ANKYLOS® literature list

A selection of summarized articles supporting the ANKYLOS implant system.

FRIADENT plus Bibliography.

A reference list on the original articles published in peer reviewed journals on DENTSPLY Implants products.