Patient-specific abutments – beyond CAD/CAM

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. ATLANTIS abutment provides an excellent foundation for best possible function and esthetics.

ATLANTIS abutments core image_01

Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, each abutment is individually designed. ATLANTIS VAD = computer designs, aided by humans. CAD = human designs, aided by computers.

Incorporating ATLANTIS into a dental practice and a dental laboratory provides peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

How to order ATLANTIS individually designed abutments

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments allow for a consistent workflow for all your implant-supported restorations, independent of the dental implant brand utilized.

Offering ATLANTIS does not require additional investment in software or equipment by the clinician or laboratory technician.

To be able to order ATLANTIS abutments, the dental laboratory needs to get access to ATLANTIS WebOrder by either:

Order process

1. Clinicians' order to the dental laboratory

ATLANTIS Intraoral scanning symbol image_01The clinician can use intraoral scanning, taking a digital impression, analyze it and transmit the file to the dental laboratory.

Atlantis 1 Clinic_to_lab order formThe clinician can also use the ATLANTIS clinic-to-laboratory order sticker or the ATLANTIS clinic-to-laboratory order form and send it from the dental clinic to the dental laboratory together with the case models. Intra oralscanning for ATLANTIS Abutment (pdf)



2. Dental Technicians' order to DENTSPLY Implants

If the clinician is using intraoral scanning for the case, the dental laboratory review the digital filefrom the clinician. If the clinician is sending models to the dental laboratory, the Case models and materials are either scanned directly at the laboratory or Atlantis WebOrdershipped to DENTSPLY Implants in ATLANTIS CaseSafe. Read more about lab-based scanning for ATLANTIS abutments (pdf).

The order is entered by the dental technician using ATLANTIS WebOrder, an internet based order system for simplified communication and case management. All individual information and preferences are stored for easy access and all data is protected.

ATLANTIS WebOrder is available in twelve different languages. No additional software is needed.

At the same time an ATLANTIS™ Core File (pdf) can be ordered in order to start designing the coping before the abutment arrives.   

Atlantis VAD

3. Design and production at DENTSPLY Implants

All ATLANTIS abutments are designed by DENTSPLY Implants using the ATLANTIS VAD software. Designs can be reviewed and/or edited in ATLANTIS™ Editor (pdf) before being produced by DENTSPLY Implants.

ATLANTIS Editor is a non-verbal, easy to use, graphic supported communication tool for the dental laboratories.  

ATLANTIS final restoration4. Delivery from DENTSPLY Implants to the dental laboratory

Once produced, the ATLANTIS abutments are returned to the ordering laboratory that then creates the final prosthetic solution and sends the completed case back to the clinician. 

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If you are a dental technician and an ATLANTIS customer, conveniently place your orders in ATLANTIS WebOrder, the online ordering system.
Become an ATLANTIS customer

Become an ATLANTIS customer

As a dental laboratory you can create your account in ATLANTIS WebOrder or contact your local market for assistance.

Download case report in pdf-format

Intraoral scanning for ATLANTIS Abutment by Dr Wilk (pdf)

More cases are available in the media gallery.