Patient-specific abutments – beyond CAD/CAM

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. ATLANTIS abutment provides an excellent foundation for best possible function and esthetics.

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Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, each abutment is individually designed. ATLANTIS VAD = computer designs, aided by humans. CAD = human designs, aided by computers.

Incorporating ATLANTIS into a dental practice and a dental laboratory provides peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

ATLANTIS is good business for your dental practice and dental laboratory

ATLANTIS abutments can bring simplicity and profitability to your dental laboratory or dental clinic, while providing the esthetic and functional results you and your customers demand.

As a Dental clinician, ATLANTIS abutments offer you;

  • Dental laboratory, final restorationA choice of anatomical emergence profiles for excellent function and esthetics
  • Margins designed and placed at an ideal level for easy and safe removal of excess cement
  • Simple restorative procedure – just take an impression and send it to your laboratory
  • Comprehensive warranty program

As a Dental technician, ATLANTIS abutments offer you;

  • Dentist dental clinic and laboratoryConsistent premium quality and delivery performance regardless of order volume
  • Eliminate the time needed for designing and modifying abutments
  • No need for investment in and maintenance of additional equipment and software
  • Frees up skilled technicians´ time for other tasks
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