Patient-specific abutments – beyond CAD/CAM

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. ATLANTIS abutment provides an excellent foundation for best possible function and esthetics.

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Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, each abutment is individually designed. ATLANTIS VAD = computer designs, aided by humans. CAD = human designs, aided by computers.

Incorporating ATLANTIS into a dental practice and a dental laboratory provides peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

Individually designed abutments for cement-retained prosthetic solutions

Individually designed abutments cement-retained prosthetic solutions

ATLANTIS abutments are individually designed abutments for implant based, cement-retained restorations. Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD software each ATLANTIS abutment is individually designed from the final tooth shape for outstanding function and esthetics.

Indications: ATLANTIS abutments (cement-retained) are indicated for all positions in the mouth and support single, partial and full jaw cement-retained restorations.

Materials: ATLANTIS abutments allow you the freedom to choose among biocompatible materials for each case. ATLANTIS abutments for cement-retained restorations are produced in titanium, gold-shaded titanium and four shades of zirconia.

View ATLANTIS abutments materials reference guide (pdf).

Abutment duplicate: A functionally identical duplicate of the original abutment can be ordered and delivered together with the original abutment. The duplicate abutment can serve as a master die for enhanced laboratory accuracy and optimized crown fit. An ATLANTIS abutment duplicate is particularly useful when a clinician wants to place a final abutment during healing, but also affords the laboratory technician the time needed to produce the final restoration.

Later order: Additional original ATLANTIS abutments can be placed at a later time with or without changes to the existing abutment design. The digital technology of the ATLANTIS solution eliminates the need for additional impressions and registrations to be taken and modification of the abutment by hand. You have the possibility to place a later order of an ATLANTIS abutment, with or without changes to original abutment design.

Abutment screw: Every ATLANTIS Crown Abutment is delivered with a corresponding abutment screw, which compliments the internal geometry of the abutment. If you need an extra abutment screw, just add one to your order. Material: Titanium alloy 6Al-4V (Grade 5).

View ATLANTIS Abutment screw torque recommendations (pdf).

ATLANTIS™ Insertion Guide

ATLANTIS Insertion Guide offers you a precise and reliable abutmentATLANTIS AAIG_top com_guide_abutm placement for all your cement-retained restorations. It’s a precisely-crafted, 3D-printed device that ensures the accuracy of ATLANTIS Abutment orientation and installation for single- and multiple-unit, cement-retained restorations on all major implant systems.

  • ATLANTIS Abutment scan data is used to create the insertion guide for a perfect design and fit
  • Designed to accurately match the abutment margin, avoiding soft tissue to interfere during installation
  • Designed with oriented access channel for easy location of the screw access hole and insertion of the abutment screw

View ATLANTIS Insertion Guide (pdf)

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments v/s stock abutments


ATLANTIS abutment cement Stock abutment cement

To the left: ATLANTIS individually designed abutment.
To the right: stock abutment.

ATLANTIS abutments offer several advantages compared to stock abutments: 

  • Optimal support and retention of the final restoration
  • Optimal emergence profile for a natural esthetic result
  • Margins can be placed at an ideal level for easy and safe removal of excess cement
  • Require no chair side modification
  • Produced by state-of-the-art milling process to ensure highest precision and quality – every time
  • Eliminate the time needed for managing a pre-fabricated abutment inventory
  • Are available for all major implant systems and in the biocompatible materials you want
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If you are a dental technician and an ATLANTIS customer, conveniently place your orders in ATLANTIS WebOrder, the online ordering system.
ATLANTIS VAD design software case video

ATLANTIS VAD design software case video

ATLANTIS VAD movie_Case 32670863
ATLANTIS abutments are designed in relation to the edentulous space and the surrounding teeth, providing an excellent foundation for optimal function and esthetics.
ATLANTIS™ abutments Design Guide.
Biocompatible materials in ATLANTIS abutments.
ATLANTIS™ abutments implant compatibility chart.

Download case reports in pdf format:

ATLANTIS Abutment in gold-shaded titanium

ATLANTIS Abutment in zirconia

More cases are available in the media gallery.