Patient-specific abutments – beyond CAD/CAM

ATLANTIS individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. ATLANTIS abutment provides an excellent foundation for best possible function and esthetics.

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Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, each abutment is individually designed. ATLANTIS VAD = computer designs, aided by humans. CAD = human designs, aided by computers.

Incorporating ATLANTIS into a dental practice and a dental laboratory provides peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

Individually designed abutments for screw-retained prosthetic solutions 

ACA zir Ti

ATLANTIS Crown Abutments are individually designed abutments for implant based, single tooth screw-retained restorations. Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD software each ATLANTIS Crown Abutment is individually designed from the final tooth shape for outstanding function and esthetics.

ATLANTIS Crown Abutment, an integrated abutment and coping component, eliminates the need for coping, cement, casting and precious metals and allows for easy retrieval – if needed.

Indications: For single-tooth, screw-retained crowns.  

ATLANTIS abutments allow you the freedom to choose among biocompatible materials for each case. ATLANTIS Crown Abutment, for screw-retained restorations, are produced in five shades of zirconia including a translucent white exclusively available for the ATLANTIS Crown Abutment and in titanium. The zirconia abutment is milled from a solid blank of zirconia. The titanium abutment is milled from biocompatible, grade 5 titanium alloy blanks.
The titanium abutment is ready for direct application of veneering material, porcelain or composite application. Manufactures protocol must be followed.

View ATLANTIS abutments materials reference guide (pdf).

Abutment screw: Every ATLANTIS Crown Abutment is delivered with a corresponding abutment screw, which compliments the internal geometry of the abutment. If you need an extra abutment screw, just add one to your order. Material: Titanium alloy 6Al-4V (Grade 5). 

View ATLANTIS Abutment screw torque recommendations (pdf). 

Individually designed ATLANTIS Crown Abutment v/s traditional cast abutment 

 ATLANTIS Crown Abutment vs cast_cross section ATLANTIS Crown Abutment vs cast

To the left: ATLANTIS individually designed Crown Abutment.
To the right: traditional cast abutment (UCLA abutment).

ATLANTIS Crown Abutments offer several advantages compared to traditional cast abutments;  

  • Optimal emergence profile for a natural esthetic result  
  • Produced by state-of-the-art milling process to ensure highest precision and quality – every time
  • Eliminate time spent on modification and casting procedures
  • No expenses for the use of precious metals
  • Available for all major implant systems in biocompatible materials
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ATLANTIS™ abutments Design Guide.
Biocompatible materials in ATLANTIS abutments.
ATLANTIS™ abutments implant compatibility chart.

Download case reports in pdf format:

ATLANTIS Crown Abutment in zirconia (pdf)

OsseoSpeed EV and ATLANTIS Crown Abutment (pdf)

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