ATLANTIS™ suprastructures

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ATLANTIS suprastructures offers a full range of dental implant suprastructures for fixed and removable dental implant prostheses and overdentures. Unlike cast suprastructures, ATLANTIS suprastructures are milled from solid blocks of titanium or cobalt-chrome, eliminating the potential for a porous material.

ATLANTIS suprastructures are produced using the latest developments in CAD/CAM technologies, and are supported by computer based industrial and medical device expertise.

ATLANTIS suprastructures offers the following advantages:
Precision providing tension-free fit, Available for all major implant systems, Wide flexibility in therapy and design options, Simplified and efficient on-line ordering.

Learn more about ATLANTIS patient-specific suprastructures beyond CAD/CAM (pdf) 

Solutions for removable overdentures


Removable hybrid structure on a screw retained custom bar construction ATLANTIS ISUS

ATLANTIS 2in1 provides primary and secondary suprastructures for a removable solution. The primary is fixed to implants, while the secondary attaches to the primary using friction and additional retention elements. The secondary is a bridge or hybrid suprastructure finished with custom teeth and denture resin. ATLANTIS 2in1 solution combines screw-retained stability with removable prosthetic convenience.

ATLANTIS 2in1 is only available in titanium.


ATLANTIS ISUS bar, suprastucture for removable overdenture

ATLANTIS Bar is indicated for removable dentures. Bars can be designed following the gingival profile and with extensions. ATLANTIS Bar can include a combination of various attachment options. ATLANTIS Bar is available in both standard and custom shaped bars, depending on case requirements.

Download ATLANTIS suprastructures compatibility chart - Attachment provisions and bar profiles (pdf file)
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