For genuine TissueCare. This means long-term stability for hard tissue and soft tissue, lasting esthetics and the certainty that you will see your patients laughing without the embarrassment of visible crown margins for many years to come.


Discover the new ANKYLOS® generation: ANKYLOS® C/X With the option of indexing

New horizons – Best outlook

For more than 25 years ANKYLOS® has offered the TissueCare tapered connection for retention of hard and soft tissue to ensure lasting red-white esthetics. The new ANKYLOS® C/X now offers even more options.

Complete flexibility – The option of indexing

Only ANKYLOS C/X leaves the decision up to you:

  • Indexed components for simple and accurate positioning of abutments in one of six possible positions using a location aid
  • Non-indexed abutments if free positioning is preferred, such as when working with ANKYLOS SynCone
  • Both with tapered TissueCare Connection for optimum stability and rotation-locking, and a free choice of combinations, i.e. every abutment fits every implant.*

* Abutments with index do not fit non-indexed ANKYLOS implants.

The new ANKYLOS Regular C/X prosthetic line offers optimized abuments with complex sulcus geometry for fabrication of crowns and bridges in the posterior-tooth region. As successors to ANKYLOS Balance posterior abutments they are available in indexed and non-indexed models.

Clear positioning – The new implant insertion system

Subcrestal placement of ANKYLOS implants, which is so important for the TissueCare Concept, has been greatly simplified:

  • Clearly visible step between implant and abutment
  • Clear vertical positioning with view to implant shoulder, even with subcrestal placement
  • Accurate circular alignment with dot markers on the new insertion instrument with the use of indexed abutment components

Easy to handle – The new implant shuttle

Accepted with enthusiasm by users, given awards and prizes by jurors - the new packaging system:

  • New double sterile implant packaging for greater product security
  • Innovative implant shuttle for contact-free handling and simplified implant pickup during the operation
  • Winner of the RedDot Design Award
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Reduced need for bone augmentation.
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