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The implant surface design of the future

DENTSPLY Implants' quest for knowledge involves the constant pursuit of perfection through innovation. In the healthcare field this pursuit requires a harmonious bond between biology and technology. The ideal product design evolves from the analysis of nature’s biological microsystems and the development of new technology.

Ultimate biocompatibility

When studied more closely, most of nature’s truest wonders exhibit multifunctional abilities. The wings of an insect are a perfect example of interaction between macro and microdesign, and more specifically, wettability.

This interaction also plays an important role on implant surfaces. The wettability of FRIADENT plus is designed to enhance the osteoconduction stage. The primary cell attachment of the microstructure is activated during this stage.

Optimal osseointegration

An animal’s ability to adapt to its environment is crucial in nature. For example, the unique microstructure of the shark’s skin reduces flow resistance during swimming.

The FRIADENT plus 3-D microstructure ensures uniform initial cell spreading. The macrodesign of the implants, in tandem with the FRIADENT plus surface topography, ensures outstanding insertion properties, resulting in stable bone-to-implant contact.

Increased cell attachment

Biology has many different solutions for achieving a secure hold. For example, barnacles anchor themselves to hard surfaces with barb-like antennae to guarantee their reproduction and growth. Cells differ from barnacles in that they have limited attachment capabilities to foreign surfaces. Implant surface cell attachment must be supported by surface topography. The surface microroughness of FRIADENT plus is tailored to the needs of bone-inducing cells allowing for rapid attachment.

Enhanced bone quality

Many biological constructions stand out because of their amazing stability. At the same time, they are lightweight and functional. For example, the stable, lightweight construction of the Nautilus makes swimming in great depths possible while protecting the organism from enormous water pressure.

Stable implant-bone apposition and ideal 3-D structuring of remodeling bone are essential for implant osseointegration. This aids in the absorption of occlusal forces ensuring undisturbed healing. The plus surface also allows for functional implant loading during the early peri-implant stage.

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