ANKYLOS® Prosthetic Options

LOCATOR<sup>®</sup/> Freedom in Prosthesis Fixing

Edentulous patients want a prosthesis fixing that always guarantees a secure hold and simple management.

The self-aligning function of the LOCATOR® abutments helps the practitioner to fulfill this patient requirement: thanks to a easy fixing, he makes the correct insertion of overdentures in the maxilla and the mandible easier, even for patients with limited motor functions, where there is limited occlusal clearance or where the implants diverge.


The advantage is yours with LOCATOR®


Self-aligning Design – Secured with one Click

  • Aligning the prosthesis is easy, thanks to the elastic nylon retention inserts
  • Use a gentle pressure on the prosthesis to lock into the exact end position

Lower Height – Clearance, even in Confined Conditions

  • Low profile retention region of the LOCATOR abutment
  • Adequate space for the prosthesis to be easily inserted, even where there is limited interocclusal clearance

Flexible Retention – Accommodation of Divergences

  • Individual definition of prosthetic support, thanks to colored retention inserts with various retentive strengths
  • These inserts allow the accommodation of axial divergences of up to 40° between two implants

Secure Prosthetic Support – Stable Prosthesis Durability

  • Double retention of the LOCATOR abutment compared to conventional attachments for a markedly improved seating of the prosthesis
  • Optimal resistance of the prosthesis and distinctly less wear, thanks to the rotatable retention inserts in the metal cap
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