ANKYLOS® – Implanting TissueCare

For more than 25 years, the ANKYLOS® system developed by Prof. Dr. G.-H. Nentwig and Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Moser with its TissueCare Connection using the taper principal has stood for successful long-term hard and soft-tissue stability and long-term red-white esthetics.

Surgery: Step-by-Step

ANKYLOS Surgery Bone Smoothing


ANKYLOS Surgery Pilot Drilling


ANKYLOS Surgery Depth Drilling


ANKYLOS Surgery Conical Reamer

1 | Bone smoothing

2 | Pilot drilling

 3 | Depth drilling

4 | Operation of the conical reamer

After mobilization of the  mucoperiosteal flap sharp bone crests are lightly smoothed with the internally irrigated round drill.

The direction of the implant is defined with the twist drill.

The top edge of the ring markings indicates the implant lengths. The Tri-Spade drill A is always used first. When placing B, C or D-implants the hole is expanded in ascending order.

(motorized or manual)
The conical reamer is inserted into the drilled hole and preparation is started with clockwise rotation without high pressure.

Round drills and twist drills are operated at 800 rpm (revolutions per minute).

For motorized operation the maximum speed is 15 rpm, the maximum torque 60 Ncm.


ANKYLOS Surgery Operation of the tap  

ANKYLOS Surgery Placing to Implant Driver 1ANKYLOS Surgery Placing to Implant Driver 2 

   ANKYLOS Surgery Placing the Implant

ANKYLOS Surgery Disassembly Implant Driver and Placement Head
5 | Operation of the tap 6 | Removing the implant from the packaging and placing the implant driver 7 | Placing the implant 8 | Disassembly of implant driver and placement head

(motorized or manual)
The thread is prepared clockwise.

(motorized or manual)

Hold the placement head with an open-end wrench, slacken the clamping screw of the placement head with the 1 mm hex screwdriver.


For motorized operation the maximum speed is 15 rpm, the maximum torque 60 Ncm.

Keep the inner blister horizontal with the sealing foil upwards when opening and keep it after removal of the implant holder; it contains the cover screw of the implant, which is mounted after implant placement for submerged healing. 

The maximum speed is 15 rpm, the maximum torque 50 Ncm.


ANKYLOS Surgery Submerged Healing 1ANKYLOS Surgery Submerged Healing 2

  ANKYLOS Surgery Transgingival Healing 1ANKYLOS Surgery Transgingival Healing 2    
8 | Submerged healing 9 | Transgingival healing

If the implant is planned for submerged healing, the cover screw must be placed after removal of the placement head.

If transgingival healing is planned for the implant, a gingiva former of the same thickness as the soft tissue must be placed after removal of the placement head.


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