6.6 Millimeters – 100% ANKYLOS®

Reduced need for bone augmentation

ANKYLOS 6.6 implant webbIf the height of a jaw bone is insufficient, bone augmentation is often required before an implant can be placed. The short ANKYLOS 6.6 mm implant is indicated where vertical bone height is limited. It may minimize the need for vertical bone augmentation procedures and therefore reduce treatment time and costs. The ANKYLOS 6.6 mm implant has the same friction-locked and keyed tapered TissueCare connection as all ANKYLOS implants, preventing micromovements between implant and abutment.

The TissueCare connection is part of the ANKYLOS TissueCare Concept which stands for long-term hard and soft tissue stability. The ANKYLOS 6.6 mm implant is available in diameters 3.5/4.5/5.5 mm and completes the already existing portfolio of implant lengths, which include 8/9.5/11/14 and 17 mm. To ensure simplified handling and treatment efficacy, all corresponding ANKYLOS instruments have been provided with an additional depth marking for the new implant length.

Additional depth marking for the new implant length of 6.6 mm
When placing an ANKYLOS® implant with length 6.6 mm, the new version of preparation instruments with the new ring marking for the length 6.6 must be used. Do not use the older type of drill for ANKYLOS® length 6.6 implant site preparation.

Note: In cases with class 4 bone and for enhanced initial stability, the thread must not be tapped.

ANKYLOS 6.6 Preparation Drills webb

Order numbers
3101 0403 Ankylos ® C/X Implant A 6.6
3101 0423 Ankylos ® C/X Implant B 6.6
3101 0452 Ankylos ® C/X Implant C 6.6

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