The new ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV – restorative solutions

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV includes an extensive abutment assortment, including patient-specific and a wide range of pre-fabricated abutments. Utilizing a site-specific, crown-down approach, these components are designed to help support all clinical situations and soft tissue sculpturing requirements for final restorations.

Cement-retained solutions

ATLANTIS™ abutments

AtlantisAbutments_indexsymbolBy utilizing the unique ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, abutments are individually designed from the final crown shape and precision machined. The abutment is designed and produced to provide function and esthetics, and further modifications are not recommended.

  • Patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments individually designed from the final tooth shape
  • One-position-only placement for OsseoSpeed EV implants


TiDesign™ EV/ ZirDesign™ EV

TiDesign_ZirDesign_indexsymbolTiDesign EV and ZirDesign EV are two-piece anatomically pre-designed abutments. The design and dimensions are based upon the natural dentition utilizing a site-specific, crown-down approach. The round and triangular options mimic a variety of tooth shapes and are harmonized with the soft tissue sculpturing created by the corresponding healing abutment.

  • Round – design for the majority of restorative situations
  • Triangular – primarily for incisors and canines with triangular shape
  • Angled – for offset situations compensating for implants in a restoratively unfavorable position

  CastDesign™ EV

CastDesign EV_indexsymbol

The CastDesign EV is a non-oxidizing high precious abutment designed and manufactured at the laboratory. CastDesign EV is for fabrication of a customized abutment for cement-retained restorations, using regular wax-up and cast-to techniques. Can compensate for angulations up to 30°.


Direct Abutment EV and Direct Abutment EV API™

Direct abutment6 EV_indexsymbolDirect Abutment EV is a one-piece abutment designed to meet the clinicians’ demands for conventional crown and bridge procedures and restorative simplicity. They are available in different diameters and heights, mimicking preparations of natural teeth.

  • Delivered sterile 

Direct Abutment EV API (All Parts Included) includes all necessary components for the restorative and laboratory procedures, including pick-up, healing cap, replica and burnout cap.

  • Delivered non-sterile 

Apikit_indexsymbolAPI Clinic
- Direct Abutmen EV Healing cap
- Direct Abutmen EV Pick-up

API Laboratory
- Direct Abutmen EV Burnout cap
- Direct Abutmen EV Replica API

Titanium Base EV with restorative options w index symbolTitaniumBase EV  

TitaniumBase EV* combines the proven strength of a prefabricated titanium abutment with the esthetics of an individually designed ceramic component. This solution allows the dental laboratory to design and manufacture a CAD/CAM restoration within their preferred workflow.

  • For temporary and final cement-/ screw-retained restorations
    • Screw-retained restorations, limited to single-tooth only 
  • Single and partial situations, all positions in the mouth
  • Featuring two flattened sides forming an anti-rotational lock

*This product may not be regulatory cleared/released/licensed in all markets. Please contact your local DENTSPLY Implants representative for further information.


Files for a digital workflow

 Files are also available in the 3Shape Dental System.

Manual for cement-retained restorations, ASTRA TECH Implant System EV.
Single tooth immediate replacement using the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV and ATLANTIS Abutment.
Single tooth restoration of tooth 25 using the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV and ATLANTIS Abutment.
Maxillary premolar single tooth case

Maxillary premolar single tooth case

Maxillary premolar case thumbnail
Abutment placement option

Abutment placement option

The interface design allows for a number of indexing options depending on the component selected.

One position imageOne-position-only
ATLANTIS patient-specific, CAD/CAM abutments will seat in one-position-only.

Six positions imageSix position
Indexed abutments will seat in six available positions.

Non indexed imageIndex free
Index-free abutments will be seated in any rotational position.

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