The new ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV – surgical solutions

The OsseoSpeed EV implant assortment provides versatility for meeting the needs of each individual site and is supported by an intuitive surgical protocol, for increased confidence and satisfaction for all members of the treatment team.

OsseoSpeed EV Implants_variant 03

Versatile implant assortment

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV consists of a unique range of OsseoSpeed EV implants, including solutions for:

  • Limited vertical bone height
  • Narrow horizontal and wide spaces
  • Sloped ridge situations

This allows you to easily and efficiently manage and adapt to different challenges as they arise, including:

  • One- and two-stage surgery
  • Immediate and early loading


The OsseoSpeed EV implant

The implants has a unique fluoride-modified nanostructure implant surface that stimulates early bone formation and provides stronger bone-to-implant bonding – OsseoSpeed. The implant neck has minute threading that offer optimal load distribution and stress values – MicroThread. There is a conical connection between the implants and abutments giving a tight and stable connection – Conical Seal Design. All OsseoSpeed EV implants have an inner geometry with a conical and indexing configuration.

The tapered apex of the implant makes implant installation easier in all situations, but especially in soft bone when underpreparation is desired.

Symbol Straight implantOsseoSpeed EV straight implants
Lengths 6 – 17 mm
Symbol 3_0 Symbol 3_6 Symbol 4_2 Symbol 4_8 Symbol 5_4

Symbol Conical implant_ExtendedOsseoSpeed EV conical Implants
Lengths 8 – 17 mm 
Symbol 4_2 Symbol 4_8


OsseoSpeed Profile EV    OsseoSpeed Profile EV straight implant standing

The OsseoSpeed Profile EV is specially designed to be used in situations with a sloped ridge profile in:

  • healed alveolar ridges
  • extraction sockets (immediate installation)   

The same handling procedure as for the OsseoSpeed EV implants applies. Preparation and measuring of the osteotomy and the implant placement require specific protocols.

Symbol Profile Straight implantOsseoSpeed Profile EV straight implants
Lengths 8 – 17 mm
Symbol P 4_2 Symbol P 4_8 

Symbol Conical implant_ExtendedOsseoSpeed Profile EV conical implants
Lengths 8 – 17 mm
Symbol P 4_2 Symbol P 4_8 

Specific colors have been assigned to the different implant/abutment connection sizes, which are consistently used throughout the system and identified by symbols and colors.

Note: OsseoSpeed Profile EV implants and components are, in addition marked with a “P”.

Symbols are schematic and not to scale.

Manual for surgical procedures – ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

Single tooth restoration of tooth 25 using the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV and ATLANTIS Abutment.
OsseoSpeed Profile EV

OsseoSpeed Profile EV

OsseoSpeed Profile EV surgical and restorative procedures
OsseoSpeed Profile EV 4.2 S implant placement and restorative procedures.
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