Screw-retained options

for ASTRA TECH Implant System™

For screw-retained restorations, abutment systems for all indications are available.

Single overviewIndication and intended use

  • Single-tooth restorations 
  • All positions in the mouth 


  • Simplified restorative procedure
  • Eliminates need for inventory of stock abutments
  • ATLANTIS™ abutment is designed from the final tooth shape


  • Provides optimized function and esthetic results
  • Saves time – increased productivity and profitability 
  • Eliminates need of precious metals 
ASTRA TECH Implant System web

Manual for cement-retained restorations.

More about ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments.
OsseoSpeed™ implantat and ATLANTIS™ abutment zirconia.
OsseoSpeed™ implant and ATLANTIS™ Abutment abutment GoldHue.
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