XiVE® Prosthetic Options

XiVE® offers a wide range of prefabricated components in the FRIADENT® prosthetics range – in implant diameters, various gingival heights, straight and angled.

The SmartFix Concept

Prosthetic solution on tilted implants

The SmartFix Concept is an implant-prosthetic procedure for the immediate restoration for edentulous patients with screw-retained bridges or bar dentures in the upper and lower jaw.

The Advantage is Yours with SmartFix

  1. Xive SmartFix_webAvoiding critical anatomical areas
    With the aid of tilted inplants, augmentations and critical anatomical regions can be circumvented.

  2. Stable prosthetic fit
    The prosthetic support base is extended distally by the tilted implant position and hence optimal advantage is taken of the local bone.

  3. Optimal design freedom
    The extremely delicate abutment head provides the optimal design freedom for the superstructure in terms of height and diameter.

  4. Secure handling
    The abutment components are premounted on a seating instrument. Delivery of the angled XiVE MP abutments is facilitated by the short and flexible seating instrument.

  5. Using CAD/CAM-fabricated superstructures
    The angled XiVE MP abutments can be optimally connected to ISUS implant superstructures by Compartis.

  6. Positionable by index
    The angled XiVE MP abutments can be precisely positioned using the integrated hex.

  7. Platform Switching
    In combination with platform switching, the narrow abutments prevent a collision with the distal bone margin to the greatest possible extent.
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