XiVE® Prosthetic Options

XiVE® offers a wide range of prefabricated components in the FRIADENT® prosthetics range – in implant diameters, various gingival heights, straight and angled.

The Individual Esthetic Concept by XiVE

Achieving highly esthetic results in just a few steps, from the implant placement to the final crown? This is what the XiVE individual esthetic concept makes possible.  

 Utilize the unique advantages of the individual concept in your daily practice routine, because it offers:

  • perfectly attuned components
  • easier management

Step by step to an esthetic result

Step 1: XiVE's individually customizable surgical protocol
Thanks to the patented combination of bone-specific preparation protocol and bone-condensing thread design, you can achieve outstanding primary stability, even in soft bone.



Step 2: The customized gingiva formers / provisional components
With the FRIADENT® EsthetiCap, you will easily achieve an esthetically high-quality provisional crown or bridge.



Step 3: The individual impression
XiVE offers a smart solution, which you can use to create an individual transfer post in just a few steps. 



Step 4: Customized abutments
Customized, highly esthetic ceramic abutments with a metal core using the XiVE TitaniumBase. 


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