XiVE® Prosthetic Options

XiVE® offers a wide range of prefabricated components in the FRIADENT® prosthetics range – in implant diameters, various gingival heights, straight and angled.

The WeldOne™ concept – Facilitating fast and stable chairside solutions

The WeldOne™ concept provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations – suitable for immediate or late loading. It is a fast and economical solution to deliver partial- and full-arch restorations on the same day of surgery.

WeldOneThe WeldOne™ concept is based on resistance spot welding principle. With the help of an Intraoral Welding Unit and special welding components, a titanium wire is permanently connected onto the abutment with precisely the correct force to achieve an optimum weld. An electric current leads to fusion of the titanium material in the contact points between the titanium wire and the abutment in milliseconds. The permanent joint between the titanium wire and the abutment enables an immediate and stable titanium framework to be made which will provide the optimum support for temporary or durable restorations.

This concept is exclusively designed for dental implants made by DENTSPLY Implants.

The advantages:

WeldOne clinical image

  • Meet the patients‘ demand for immediate restorations
    Surgical procedure and prosthetic delivery on the same day of surgery.
  • Significant time and cost reduction
    Standardized protocol with specially designed components for a reduction of
    appointments to a minimum and the opportunity to reduce total treatment costs.
  • Less risks of fractures on temporaries
    WeldOne Titanium wire on abutmentsImmediate reinforcement of the temporary by a titanium framework.
  • Safely and predictably for immediate loading treatment
    As a consequence of reduced mobility of implants due to immediate rigid splinting a risk
    of implant failures during healing phases can be minimized.
  • No additional impression-taking of implants necessary
    Simultaneous delivery of a titanium framework on implant XiVE WeldOne web imageabutments at one time. Advantage of the one abutment at one time philosophy in case of abutment level restorations.

The WeldOne™ concept for XiVE®:

Different procedures of fabrication can be selected for this unique concept of prosthetic restoration:
  • Temporary restorations on implant level
  • Temporary or durable restorations on abutment level
  1. Placement of implants
  2. Placement of dedicated welding abutments
  3. Bending, alignment and intraoral welding of titanium wire
  4. Extraorally welded retentions are added to the framework
  5. Finalized and opaque coated titanium framework
  6. Finished restoration

WeldOne for XiVE implant level impression image Implant level restorations

WeldOne concept for ANKYLOS implant level impression

WeldOne for XiVE abutment level impression image Abutment level restorations

 WeldOne concept for ANKYLOS abutment level impression

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The Prosthetic Restoration section of the XiVE literature lists contains the latest WeldOne studies.