XiVE® – Implantology Unlimited

The XiVE® implant system can offer solutions where other systems have reached their limits. It offers practically unlimited surgical and prosthetic freedom along with maximum safety. With XiVE you can master implantological challenges as easily as standard procedures.

XiVE dental implants – Unrestricted flexible restoration

Customized and flexible treatment? XiVE opens all the options of modern implantology to you. From the smallest gap to the edentulous jaw, subgingival or transgingival healing, soft or hard bone: everything is covered with one implant system. Even modern concepts such as immediate restoration and immediate loading can be managed easily with XiVE. You can develop a customized treatment concept for your patients and be sure of having a flexible response to every clinical situation. Even in the most challenging cases XiVE has a practical solution for you.

Effective thread design – Primary stability

XiVE offers you the best prerequisites: The special thread design of the dental implant system XiVE gives complete primary stability. It is designed to fit perfectly in both cancellous and cortical bone. The self-tapping function of the thread – coupled with a unique condensing design and a specific drill sequence – ensures complete success in all bone types, even the weak structures of bone classes D III and D IV: advanced primary stability.

Firm tissue – Supporting structures

Optimum osseointegration is the most important factor in successful implant therapy. The primary stability achieved with XiVE prevents macromovements during the osseointegration phase, and the outstanding wetting properties of the FRIADENT® plus surface ensure fast and permanent deposition of cellular and bone structure. The increase in final secondary stability offered by targeted bone training and soft-tissue management maintains the structures – for a permanent and esthetically demanding result.

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