XiVE® – Implantology Unlimited

The XiVE® implant system can offer solutions where other systems have reached their limits. It offers practically unlimited surgical and prosthetic freedom along with maximum safety. With XiVE you can master implantological challenges as easily as standard procedures.

XiVE 3.0

Small implant – Proven success

Special situations demand special solutions. We have developed an implant with an extremely small diameter for the XiVE system: 3.0 mm – for clinical situations with limited space. For example, restorations can be carried out with optimum results under incisors or side incisors in the upper jaw.

Less is more – Perfect esthetics

Implant placement in difficult bone conditions and narrow alveolar ridges? A diameter of 3.4 mm is frequently too large, particularly in cases of genetic agenesia of natural teeth in the front-tooth region. XiVE 3.0 is a perfect fit in such cases: easy handling, fast insertion and secure functioning are guaranteed. And because XiVE 3.0 is designed as a two-component implant, no prosthetic compromise is required. You can achieve esthetically perfect results even in the front-tooth region.

Practical solutions – Successful implant placement

XiVE is an ideal solution for work in the practice. The condensing design of the implant ensures particularly high primary stability – the FRIADENT® plus surface guarantees optimum osseointegration. The prosthetic range of XiVE offers customized concepts for virtually every situation – based on the proven hexagonal abutment connection: intelligent solutions for you as an implantologist and for your patients.

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