The new ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is the next step in the continuous evolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant System. 

The foundation of this evolutionary step remains the unique ASTRA TECH Implant System
BioManagement Complex
, well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and esthetic results.

OsseoSpeed Profile EV – A unique implant specifically designed for sloped ridges

 OsseoSpeed Profile EV premolar

Follow nature's contour 

OsseoSpeed Profile EV is specifically shaped for efficient use of existing bone in sloped ridge situations. 

- Provides 360° of bone preservation maintaining soft tissue esthetics.
- Can help to reduce the need for bone augmentation. 
- Components designed to allow for accurate identification of the implant position throughout the treatment process.



360° bone preservation in sloped ridge situations 

OsseoSpeed Profile EV 360 degree bone preservationIt is well documented that crestal bone resorbs after tooth extraction or tooth loss.

Often resorption is pronounced on the buccal side, resulting in a lingual-to-buccal sloped ridge. This situation occurs even if a standard implant is immediately placed in the extraction socket.

Because bone-to-implant support is three-dimensional, it is important to have marginal bone support around the entire implant.

Preserving the buccal and lingual marginal bone in a sloped ridge situation will also positively influence mesial and distal marginal bone levels, which optimizes soft tissue esthetics.

This is what we mean by 360° bone preservation in sloped ridge situations.

A better option for implant placement in sloped ridges

OsseoSpeed EV 4.2 level with lingual bone








When a standard implant is placed level with the lingual bone, the implant neck is exposed buccally, compromising soft tissue esthetics.



OsseoSpeed EV 4.2 level with bucc bone








When a standard implant is placed level with the buccal bone, unsupported lingual marginal bone is lost.


OsseoSpeed EV 4.2 level with lingual and bucc bone








OsseoSpeed Profile EV is placed level with both buccal and lingual marginal bone, preserving soft tissue esthetics, and can help to reduce the need for bone augmentation.

Simplicity and accuracy throughout your workflow

When working with a sloped implant neck, the ability to identify the location of the apical slope of the implant is critical to the simplicity and predictability of the treatment process. The enhancements within the OsseoSpeed Profile EV line are designed to meet this need while still offering flexible treatment solutions.

Self-guiding impression componentsSelf-guiding impression components for an accurate and predictable workflow

This innovative design provides a time-efficient installation procedure and a predictable workflow between the clinician and dental technician.



One position only placement OsseoSpeed Profile EVOne-position-only placement of all indexed components

The unique one-position-only placement makes the entire treatment procedure simple and predictable, from implant placement to the connection of the final abutment.





Wide range of implant optionsOsseoSpeed Profile EVP 4.8P 4.2

Available in straight and conical implant designs in 8–17 mm lengths.





SIMPLANT Guide with guided surgery componentsSupported by the full range of digital solutions

Digital solutions from DENTSPLY Implants support you from the planning to the final restoration, offering the possibility of working with a completely digital workflow.





Clinical documentation

OsseoSpeed Profile implants are being evaluated in several ongoing studies sponsored by DENTSPLY Implants:

  • 250 patients and 300 implants.
  • Healed ridges and extraction sockets.
  • Up to three years follow-up.

Graph width keratinized mucosaMain conclusions

  • High implant survival rate.
  • Stable hard and soft tissue levels.
  • Preserved discrepancies between buccal and lingual bone levels.

A significant increase in the width of keratinized mucosa in patients with compromised soft tissue has also been reported (see figure).




360° bone preservation and maintained soft tissue esthetics in sloped ridges

Implant placement, Dr. Robert Nölken

Implant placement 
(OsseoSpeed Profile)

Prosthesis delivered at 5 months, Dr. Robert Nolken

Prosthesis delivered
at 5 months 

1-year follow-up, Dr. Robert Nolken

1-year follow-up


3-year follow-up, Dr. Robert Nolken

3-year follow-up


Clinical photos courtesy of PD Dr. Robert Nölken, Germany

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Learn how the new sloped dental implant can help reduce the need for bone augmentation and the subsequent cost and effort that comes with it.

Dr. Nölken

Enhanced soft tissue support in extraction sockets and sloped ridges

OsseoSpeed Profile EV

OsseoSpeed Profile EV

OsseoSpeed Profile EV surgical and restorative procedures
OsseoSpeed Profile EV 4.2 S implant placement and restorative procedures.
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