The new ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is the next step in the continuous evolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant System. 

The foundation of this evolutionary step remains the unique ASTRA TECH Implant System
BioManagement Complex
, well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and esthetic results.

Simplicity without compromise

The new ASTRA TECH Implant System EV has been developed to make the daily work easier, without making any compromises to the clinical outcome. The design philosophy of the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is based on the natural dentition utilizing a site-specific, crown-down approach supported by an intuitive surgical protocol and a simple prosthetic workflow, for increased confidence and satisfaction for all members of the treatment team.

Versatile implant designs
Including straight, conical, sloped, short, narrow and wide, using only one surgical tray.
Flexible drilling protocol
Allowing for preferred primary stability.
Site-specific restorative components
Including round and triangular options supporting soft tissue sculpturing.
Unique interface
Providing one-position-only placement for ATLANTIS patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments.
Self-guiding impression components
Requiring only one hand for precise seating.  

ASTRA TECH Implant System EV
Neither is the anatomy of your implant patients - OsseoSpeed Profile EV for sloped ridge situations
The technical and clinical background of ASTRA TECH Implant System EV.

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Information concerning the previous generation of the ASTRA TECH Implant System.
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