XiVE® is uncompromising. What does this mean? Primary stability in all bone classes, unlimited surgical and prosthetic freedom and with all that the uncompromising security of being able to master demanding challenges in implantology.

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Absolutely flexible, versatile and superior primary stability: That's XiVE. For more than a decade, users the world over have relied on XiVE. Surgical and prosthetic – XiVE frees you from all restrictions. Innovative thread design and preparation technique ensure outstanding primary stability in all bone classes. The comprehensive range of prosthetic concepts also provides practical and reliable solutions, even for complex indications. Get the Xperience.

Limited space solution for dental implants

Surgical flexibility – Prosthetic versatility

XiVE is designed for the greatest possible prosthetic and surgical flexibility. The multifunctional components allow you to take advantage of all the options for innovative prosthetics. For example, with the unique TempBase design by XiVE, a temporary denture – virtually the same as the final restoration – is easily fabricated. The ceramic CERCON® abutments offer outstanding esthetics and, with a cast-to abutment such as the AuroBase, even difficult initial situations can be given a functional customized prosthetic solution, right from the upper surface of the implant. These prosthetic concepts have been the first choice of dental technicians, implantologists and patients throughout the world for decades. Implantological choices for you – the best solution for your patients.

XiVE Prosthetic Overview

Complete concept – Absolute primary stability

Stable, secure and, if it comes down to it, immediate? This is what XiVE's specialized implant and thread design delivers: the screwed-in implant fits perfectly into the bone. And in all bone classes. The result is very high primary stability – the decisive prerequisite for successful treatment and the realization of the latest implantology concepts.

Progress and Xperience 

XiVE Timeline 1990           


Development of the color-coded FRIADENT prosthetic range, successfully in use on FRIALIT since 1992 and on XiVE since 2001.

XiVE Timeline 1999  


FRIALOC implants for easy and economical immediate loading concepts.

XiVE Timeline 2001 XiVE S_TempBase   


Launch of the XiVE implant system with subgingival XiVE S implants, including the TempBase concept for immediate temporization.

XiVE Timeline 2001 XiVE TG   


Launch of the transgingival XiVE TG implant.

XiVE Timeline 2003 XiVE S 3_0   


Introduction of the XiVE S 3.0 mm implant.

XiVE Timeline 2003 FRIADENT plus surface  


All XiVE implants are provided with the innovative FRIADENT plus implant surface.

XiVE Timeline 2005  


Introduction of CERCON zirconia abutments for superior esthetic results.

XiVE Timeline 2009 SIMPLANT  


Launch of computer-guided surgery for XiVE, based on the market-leading SIMPLANT software. Specially developed Sleev-on-drill system for utmost precision and ease of use.

XiVE Timeline 2009 ISUS  


Going CAD/CAM - Patient-specific ISUS implant suprastructures are introduced for XiVE.

XiVE Timeline 2010  


ATLANTIS patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments.

XiVE Timeline 2011  


TitaniumBase - two-piece CAD/CAM abutments.

XiVE Timeline 2012  


Launch of the SmartFix concept - the prosthetic solution for full arech restorations on implants placed at an angle.

XiVE Timeline 2013  


More platform-switch options on XiVE with introduction of new components.

XiVE Timeline 2014  


The worldwide unique WeldOne concept is launched by facilitating stable and durable chariside solutions.

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