XiVE® Prosthetic Options

XiVE® offers a wide range of prefabricated components in the FRIADENT® prosthetics range – in implant diameters, various gingival heights, straight and angled.

Versatility is the deciding factor

XiVE offers you all the options of innovative prosthetics. The base for the temporary denture is the same shape as the TempBase abutment. Multifunctional – and in three ways: as seating coping, for immediate index impression during surgery and as the base for the immediate restoration. EstheticBase, CERCON® abutment and AuroBase are some of the systems available for the final single-tooth restoration. And for bridges and overdentures the FRIADENT® MP abutment offers a wide range for typical XiVE solutions: flexible, versatile and individual – and also an easy overview.

With an unlimited future

The right solution always at hand. XiVE offers customized solutions for your patients. The XiVE system offers a decisive increase in flexibility with five implant diameters and up to six implant lengths for the ideal handling of every clinical situation.
XiVE is complemented by the appropriate accessories: instruments for implant planning and various concepts for accurate impression making – open, closed, at implant level or mucosa level or even as an immediate index impression using TempBase. Various gingiva formers and temporary abutments for atraumatic and perfect shaping of the soft tissue. Particularly practical: the same surgical instrument set as XiVE S plus and XiVE TG.

FRIADENT color-coding - Targeted working

We think ahead – we say it with colors. Consistent color-coding of all instruments and components makes your work safer and easier. You can recognize the corresponding components more easily when the colors match. Confusion is eliminated and there are no problems in communication between the laboratory and the implantologist. Even during uncovery you can recognize the implant diameter immediately by the colored closure screw.

XiVE connection geometry - Safety bonds

Deep internal, extremely precise and indexed: the well-known hexagonal connection in XiVE S plus meets all expectations for a force-transferring, adjustable connection between implant and abutment. And it has been thoroughly proven in practice: the hexagon has formed a reliable connection between implants and abutments for many years – our recipe for success with excellent prosthetic concepts. The structure of our connection components is the key: six precise abutment options – for quick, easy and logical positioning easily understood by every implantologist involved in prosthetic restorations. The key to an easily implemented referral concept.

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