XiVE® – Implantology Unlimited

The XiVE® implant system can offer solutions where other systems have reached their limits. It offers practically unlimited surgical and prosthetic freedom along with maximum safety. With XiVE you can master implantological challenges as easily as standard procedures.

Advanced design – Advanced primary stability

Perfect retention from the start? In all bone classes? XiVE is the answer. The implant design and the surgical protocol specially developed for the system are a perfect match – with one goal: primary stability in every situation.

The specialized implant design consists of a condensing thread component and an apical self-tapping component. With exciting results: it condenses the peri-implant bone – particularly in bone with a weak structure. And with even better results: primary stability with the option of immediate restoration and loading. This means atraumatic implant placement in bone classes I and II with the use of the crestal drill. In contrast to this you can achieve outstanding primary stability in poorly structured bone by reduced use of the crestal drill.

Image: 1=Friction / 2=Condensation / 3=Cutting

XiVE TG Transgingival therapy – Atraumatic treatment

Simple surgery and prosthetics? XiVE TG gives you a concept for transgingival implant therapy. Preparation is similar to and with the same instrument set as that of the subgingival XiVE S plus implant: fast and atraumatic. And this is particularly the case with functional restorations.

The right mixture is the key. XiVE TG is an improvement of the clinically proven FRIALOC system and also includes all the advantages of XiVE S plus: the specialized thread design, the specialized implant body and the FRIADENT® plus surface. The FRIADENT abutments for XiVE TG are particularly practical and economical: the connection geometry is always identical – one abutment for all diameters.

Effective structure – Cell-compatible surface

Are satisfied patients important to you? The surface structure of the implant has a significant influence on the quick success of implant therapy. For optimum osseointegration XiVE S plus and XiVE TG implants have the clinically proven and standard-setting FRIADENT plus surface: fast wetting and growth-activating. The high-temperature etched microstructure is ideal for deposition of cells. A dense fibrin network forms quickly over the entire surface and accelerates the formation of new bone. The improved wetting of the tissue, triggered by the initial hydrophilic properties of the surface, accelerates the deposition and differentiation of new cells. A surface structure favored by bone cells – for comprehensive therapeutic success.

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