Bone graft materials

For defects affecting the bone quantity of your patients, bone graft material can help you create new bone or remodel existing ridges. The SYMBIOS product line includes phycogenic, xenograft, allograft and synthetic bone graft material developed to deliver the bone regeneration results you want to achieve.

Seaweed Phycogenic bone graft material

The algae-derived products are very similar to the human bone. All algae-derived (phycogenic) materials demonstrate a high specific porosity up to 1.1 cm3/g. Their unique honeycomb like structure with an interconnected porous channel system and their specific chemistry is decisive for the high in-vivo bioactivity of the phycogenic materials.

SYMBIOS Biphasic Bone Graft Material (BGM)

SYMBIOS Biphasic Bone Graft Material is a resorbable inorganic bone forming material derived from red marine algae. The composition is 20% hydroxyapatite and 80% β-tricalciumphosphate. Due to the high tricalciumphosphate content of the product it resorbs significantly faster than pure hydroxyapatite.

  • Osteoconductive - Bone analogous properties and interconnecting pores
  • Resorption kinetics in the sense of restitutio ad integrum - Material degradation and bone remodeling/healing are balanced. Resorbs almost completely
  • Volume stability - The resorption properties enable volume stability during bone formation
  • Straightforward application - Saturation with patient’s blood and addition of autogenous bone chips improve healing

FRIOS Algipore

Highly porous hydroxyapatite – bone reconstruction material derived from red marine algae highly analogous to the hydroxyapatite of the natural bone:

  • Promotes bone formation – osseoconduction due to the interconnecting pores and coarse surface.
  • Resorbs almost completely – FRIOS Algipore is a bone regeneration material in the sense of a restitutio ad integrum, i.e. defect free healing.
  • Stable volume – the ideal resorption kinetics create a scaffold with a stable form during the whole bone formation phase.
  • Suitable for the indication – available in three various grain sizes.
  • Straightforward application – mixed with the patient‘s blood.
  • Over 25 years’ clinical experience – FRIOS Algipore has been successfully used since 1988, has carried the CE mark since 1998, and has had US FDA approval since 2003.
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