Dental bone graft instruments & accessories

SYMBIOS offers to you a broad selection of instruments and accessories to support your bone regeneration processes. Included are solutions for harvesting your patients’ own bone (autologous bone graft material), preparing bone blocks and access windows, grafting extra bone into the maxillary sinus (sinus lift), and affixing GBR/GTR membranes (fixation).


During guided bone/tissue regeneration therapies, dental membranes need to stay where placed. The following accessories are designed to give the new-forming bone a chance to heal undisturbed.

FRIOS Membrane Tacks 1FRIOS Membrane Tacks

  • Perfect hold – well attached membranes prevent the dislocation of the material and promote the formation of new bone.
  • Fabricated from a titanium alloy and gamma sterilized.
  • Can be used with all resorbable and non-resorbable membranes.
  • FRIOS FixationSet used for placing FRIOS Membrane Tacks.
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