Bone graft materials

For defects affecting the bone quantity of your patients, bone graft material can help you create new bone or remodel existing ridges. The SYMBIOS product line includes phycogenic, xenograft, allograft and synthetic bone graft material developed to deliver the bone regeneration results you want to achieve.


Symbios Xenograft Granules 

Symbios Xenograft Granules is a porcine bone mineral indicated for periodontal, oral and maxillofacial surgery. The use of Symbios Xenograft Granules may be considered when autogenous bone is not indicated or is insufficient in quantity to fulfill the needs of the proposed surgical procedure.

  • Highly porous carbonate apatite particles
  • Natural pore structure for cell conduction
  • High intra- and inter-particle space for
  • Osteoconduction and new bone deposition

Features and Benefit

  • Interconnecting macro- and microscopic pore structure - Supports vascularization, bone ingrowth and nutrition
  • Highly porous with 88% to 95% empty space - More space for new bone deposition
  • Rough surface texture - Facilitates cell adhesion and bone ingrowth
  • Carbonate apatite - Aids remodeling of the healing bone
  • Granules hold together upon hydration - Ease of handling and placement in the defect site
  • Available in a jar in two different particle sizes and in a range of volumes
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