GBR/GTR membranes

A dental membrane is used to stabilize and contain the defect by preventing gingival tissues from infiltrating the site.

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Resorbable membranes

The SYMBIOS resorbable dental membranes help provide a framework for cellular ingrowth and vascularization, guide bone healing, and prevent cellular and bacterial infiltration. Resorbable membranes are designed to be absorbed, eliminating the need for surgical removal.

SYMBIOS Collagen Membrane SR

SYMBIOS Collagen Membrane SR (slow resorbable) is a bioresorbable, implantable collagen type I originating from bovine Achilles tendon. It is intended for use in dental surgery procedures. The membrane functions as a barrier, aiding in wound healing after dental surgery in cases with a dental implant, a bone defect or ridge reconstruction. Fiber matrix construction allows tissue integration, while preventing direct passage of bacteria and epithelial cells.

  • Safe for the patient - Highly purified collagen type I derived from bovine Achilles tendon
  • Prevents epithelial downgrowth - Cell occlusive
  • You can suture or tack the membrane in place without tearing - Unique fiber orientation provides high tensile strength
  • Stiff enough for easy placement, yet easily drapes over ridge - Optimized flexibility. Can be placed either dry or hydrated

Symbios Collagen Membrane pre-hydrated

Symbios Collagen Membrane prehydrated_ConformableSymbios Collagen Membrane pre-hydrated consists of purified intact collagen tissue derived from bovine pericardium. The unique pre-hydrated delivery makes immediate use possible; it is flexible and easily contours to the defect.

  • Semi-permeable; permeable to nutrients and macromolecules
  • Intact tissue provides high mechanical strength for resistance to suture pull-out
  • Acts as a cell barrier to prevent epithelial down growth into the bone defect site
  • Approximately 0.5 mm thick membrane
  • Can easily be trimmed during surgery for a final fit.

Features and Benefit

  • Pre-hydrated - Convenient ready for use
  • Highly drapable and conformable - Ease of placement and readjustment
  • Intact pericardium tissue membrane - Can be sutured or tacked for stable fixation
  • No side orientation - Can be placed on either side
  • Resorption time approx. 16 weeks*
  • Enhanced stabilization treatment - Predictable resorption time

 * Provides adequate barrier function for GBR and GTR procedure

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