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With STEPPS we offer comprehensive and at the same time practical programs for marketing and managing your dental practice or your dental laboratory. The program includes essential components for business success such as "Establishing a profile", "Finding and keeping patients" and "Networking with partners ", and is based on proven methods that have been successfully applied in practice. It includes practical assistance and is specifically designed for success-oriented dental practices and clinics.

A team of dental marketing and sales professionals from DENTSPLY Implants supports you with targeted consultations, marketing services, and continuing education courses specially designed for your dental practice or clinic. Simple and comprehensive checklists help you to implement advice quickly and easily. With STEPPS direct you have a web-based system that can be easily managed from your desk. You have access to professional marketing material, which only requires personalization with your business data and specific requirements. And if you need to develop completely new marketing initiatives from the ground up to be able implement your own customized strategy, STEPPS also offers continuing assistance and special packages.

stepps workshopThe STEPPS development program is designed exclusively for customers of DENTSPLY Implants. We look forward to supporting you with STEPPS – step by step to your future success.

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In four steps, the STEPPS marketing program leads you to greater success. Regardless of whether your focus is on image, patients, partners, or all three areas. In any case, we proceed on a structured basis, in order to achieve the best results for you. The process begins with the analysis and the setting of goals. The results form the foundation for coming up with a strategy for you that come together in a coherent concept. Last but not least, the development of the measures, including timetables and budgets, forms the last “STEPP”.

What is special about this marketing program is the modular structure and your ability to choose at any step along the way: Would you prefer to implement totally new measures developed just for you, or would you prefer to use the pre-designed measures from STEPPS? In either case, the whole program offers practical assistance and solutions that fit. It is precisely tailored to the way success-oriented dental professionals define their goals. Learn more now about the STEPPS know-how, the workflow and the individual steps to professional success. Let our STEPPS program guide you “STEPP by STEPP”.

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