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With STEPPS we offer comprehensive and at the same time practical programs for marketing and managing your dental practice or your dental laboratory. The program includes essential components for business success such as "Establishing a profile", "Finding and keeping patients" and "Networking with partners ", and is based on proven methods that have been successfully applied in practice. It includes practical assistance and is specifically designed for success-oriented dental practices and clinics.

A team of dental marketing and sales professionals from DENTSPLY Implants supports you with targeted consultations, marketing services, and continuing education courses specially designed for your dental practice or clinic. Simple and comprehensive checklists help you to implement advice quickly and easily. With STEPPS direct you have a web-based system that can be easily managed from your desk. You have access to professional marketing material, which only requires personalization with your business data and specific requirements. And if you need to develop completely new marketing initiatives from the ground up to be able implement your own customized strategy, STEPPS also offers continuing assistance and special packages.

stepps workshopThe STEPPS development program is designed exclusively for customers of DENTSPLY Implants. We look forward to supporting you with STEPPS – step by step to your future success.

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Analysis, Strategy, Concept, Measures – four STEPPS to the goal

steppsSTEPPS works the way you do in your own medical approach: from diagnosis to treatment. What this means for you: From analysis to concrete implementation of your marketing measures, you can count on support from STEPPS.

1. The analysis: “Where is my practice?”
In order to understand the potential that lies hidden in your business, we start with an in-depth analysis of your current situation. We want to understand how you see yourself. An initial meeting, a strategy workshop, surveys and setting your goals give a good picture of what specifically needs to be done to make your business better equipped to face the future.

2. The strategy: “What do I need to do?”
A strategic orientation makes it easier to attain your goal. Do you value individualized, long-term strategic solutions? Then a custom-tailored strategy is just the right thing for you to increase your professional success. Based on the results of the strategy workshop and the surveys, our experienced marketing and management experts will develop a coherent strategy that takes into account all communications requirements at the image-, patient- and partner-levels.

3. The concept: “How should I do it?”
A strategic direction is one thing – the concrete step-by-step and targeted implementation is something else entirely. And this is where STEPPS comes in. From STEPPS you will receive a strategic concept with practice-tested measures. The concept is supplemented by specific timetables and budgets. Growing your business is easier when it’s all planned out.

4. The measures: “stepp by stepp”
This is where we go to work: the planned measures are implemented. In this phase, too, you will have a choice: Do you want to work with your own service providers, or use the STEPPS team? Would you like to have your measures developed from scratch, or use the pre-designed, yet individually-tailored measures? Here, by the way, you will find ToolKits on various subjects that can already save you a great deal of work with tips and checklists, and contribute to a professional result. Either way, the STEPPS team will be available to lend support.

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