Clinical research


To document our products' performance, efficacy, and safety in clinical situations, we plan and coordinate studies in collaboration with universities and private clinics around the world.

A variety of research activities are ongoing within our company initiated study program, as well as within our investigator initiated study program. Within the scope of these extensive research programs, we are dedicated to confirm that our products are safe and reliable, for the benefit of clinicians and their patients, and to secure that we adhere to global and local regulatory demands.

Investigator initiated studies (IIS)

As part of our clinical development program, a large number of projects have been initiated by clinicians from different countries within the Investigator Initiated Studies, IIS, program.

Investigator initiated studies are initiated and conducted by clinicians and institutions worldwide to investigate a variety of products and indications. Each year approximately 80 IIS applications are received within this program. Approximately 30% of the applications are approved and receive partial support. Currently there are more than 170 supported investigator initiated studies ongoing involving more than 280 investigators in over 20 countries.

The objectives of these studies are determined by the clinicians' research interests and includes a variety of clinical and experimental research areas. The projects are conducted as for example prospective clinical trials, case reports, case series, in-vitro assays and mechanical studies. website

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