Stable soft tissue and marginal bone maintenance

DENTSPLY Implants sound scienceAchieving beautiful, natural-looking esthetics for your implant patients requires biological sustainability—the harmony of marginal bone and surrounding soft tissue over time.

This harmony exists when all the elements of an implant system—implant design, surface treatment, abutment connection—work in unison with biology.

But biological sustainability is a journey, not only a destination. By searching further and continuing to challenge with sound science, we can provide evidence demonstrating biological sustainability, leading to optimal dental implant treatment outcomes.

Summaries of prospective studies with 5-year data on OsseoSpeed implants with maintained bone levels from implant placement and implant loading confirm stable soft tissue and an average bone reduction of only 0.3 mm.

We search further because we are committed to sound science, providing biological sustainability for a world where everyone can eat, speak and smile with confidence—because it matters.

Improved patient quality of life

Providing your patients with optimal esthetics is a critical factor of successful dental implant therapy and key to their satisfaction and improved quality of life. Studies measuring esthetics and satisfaction metrics demonstrate improved results with OsseoSpeed implants.

  • Stable periimplant soft tissue up to 5 years after implant placement:
    stable mean gingival zenith scores1–4
    first year from crown placement followed by tissue stabilization. 1, 2, 5
  • Minimal gingival recession in challenging situations at 3-year follow-up:
    stable soft tissue levels in situations with limited bucco-lingual or mesodistal
    space with unchanged mean gingival zenith score3–4
  • Patients treated with OsseoSpeed implants have reported improvements 5
    in overall treatment satisfaction.6–9

Gingival zenith score (mm) over time for implants placed in healed sites1

Gingival zenith score graph   Gingival zenith score



Gingival zenith score is defined as the linear distance from the zenith of the buccal gingival margin to the incisal edge of the crown. A decreased gingival zenith score over time means a gain in gingival tissue. 

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